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Eugene Gluhotorenko

Senior Software Engineer, Technical Lead


Solid software engineer with 9+ years of experience in delivering products. Expert in web with desktop and backend development background. Passionate about programming, software engineering, data visualization and especially about building rich web apps. My spare time I spend on reading popular science books, sport, traveling and developing open source.


JavaScript, TypeScript, React, React Native, Swift, MobX, Node.js, WebSocket, styled-components, Jest, Webpack, Parcel, Redux, PixiJS, HTML, CSS, Git and a lot of other libraries and tools.


Software TechLead

CCDS / Nezaboodka | Oct 2019 → May 2020

TypeScript React MobX Cornerstone.js Material-UI DICOM Scrum / Agile
  • Built a modern web-based Viewer that visualized output of AI Models. The Viewer enabled many Research Centers to efficiently validate and iteratively test their AI algorithms, and served as a reference implementation for the central viewer used by the Radiology Department at MGH/BWH. Technical challenges addressed: virtualization and fast rendering of tens of thousands MRI images, compatibility with various medical standards (DICOM, DICOM-SEG, DICOM-SR)
  • With a team of backend developers built from the scratch a web hub for loading, processing and viewing hundreds of medical studies which successfully used by ML engineers.
  • Have taken responsibilities for frontend provisioning in the company.

Senior Software Engineer

MintData | Aug 2016 → Mar 2018

TypeScript React MobX WebSocket MobX State Tree
  • Participated in building a low-code development platform (LCDP) for creating and delivering real-time web applications. The LCDP is made of a spreadsheet which is used to define application logic instead of code, a surface to define the visual appearance, and behavioral links between the two.
  • Designed a GUI builder which provides possibilities to create modern web interfaces without experience in HTML and CSS.
  • Implemented synchronization layer for real-time editing in the GUI builder across multiple devices.
  • Helped the company to hire new engineers. Сonducted technical interviews with potential candidates.

Lead Software Developer

Nexus / CTDEV | Oct 2013 → Aug 2016

JavaScript AngularJS Highchars D3.js Node.js Scrum / Agile
  • Participated in building and delivering fintech news portal based on modern custom recommendation engine.
  • Designed variety of different data visualization libraries for rendering charts, graphs, maps.
  • Developed custom gulp/grunt plugins for complex build system.
  • Сonducted technical interviews with potential candidates.

Senior Software Engineer

SoftSwiss | Apr 2018 → Oct 2019

TypeScript PixiJS WebGL React MobX Node.js styled-components Scrum / Agile
  • Developed a modern game engine for multi-platform 2D games.
  • Did a lot of performance optimisation for smooth animation in games on low-end mobile devices
  • Writing server-side scripts for processing images and audio
  • Technical interviewing of new candidates

Senior Software Developer

EPAM Systems | Dec 2010 → Sep 2013

C# .NET jQuery Angular.JS Scrum / Agile
  • Develop a platform for publishing financial apps.
  • HTML5 apps for the platform (Time series data charts, market/exchange data viewers and etc.).
  • JavaScript API for third-party app developers.
  • Develop back-end services.

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Belarusian University of Informatics and Radioelectronics

B.Sc | Computer Science, Network systems